Introducing the Infinity Project

Infinity Project

I’ve always wanted to make things to help others. That’s what I originally created NameBlock for. Now, I am excited to announce that I am creating a new organization to manage NameBlock and my future programs: The Infinity Project. The purpose of the Infinity Project is to use technology to provide support and accessibility to anyone who needs it, and it will be a non-profit organization paid for by donations and out of my own pocket.

The Infinity Project’s website will be active once I am ready to open it. The Infinity Project website will have links to both the release version and open source of all projects under its banner. I hope I can use the Infinity Project to help make change for the better in the world.

Post-Publish Reflection and Roadmap

NameBlock has now been released to the Google Chrome Web Store. Already, I have received messages thanking me for creating the app. I’m glad that it’s so helpful to people.

Now that it’s been published, I can start to work on outstanding bugs and errors. The two high-priority problems I’ve found are:

  • Images will still not redirect to a webpage. (this might be an issue with the Chrome popup API and may be unsolvable; in that case I will find a different option for putting images in the popup)
  • While clicking the Toggle Active button does turn the app on and off, so does clicking anywhere else on the popup.

Those will hopefully be fixed in the coming weeks. New posts will continue to be made every time there is a commit or version published. Thank you for continuing to listen to the development process.

NameBlock V1.0 Published

Chrome Web Store page for NameBlock

NameBlock V1.0.0 is now published on the Google Chrome Webstore. You can download it here. The roadmap from here on out:

  • Find and squash any remaining bugs
  • Publish V1.0.1 if necessary
  • Create promotion material, including screenshots and a full presentation

Thank you for your time.

Commit 3-30-16: Added Icons

Replacement field with green plus button on the right

Icons have been added to the config to make it look better. They may be added elsewhere soon.

At this time, I am enough satisfied with the UI to mark it as complete. All that is left is dealing with the toggleActive bug and (if possible) the image linking bug. Once those are fixed, the extension will be ready to publish. Thank you for reading.

Commit 3-17-16: Config Options Implemented

The whitelist and name replacement options have now been implemented. Work will be done to improve the UI and look of the application.

NameBlock Options
(dead name censored for privacy)

New resources list

The list of resources has been expanded as well, now including TSER, TYEF, TLPI, HRC Welcoming Schools, and the Point Foundation alongside config options. The image links and toggle active are still non-functional. Those are the next places on the roadmap to fix. As soon as those are repaired and the UI is complete, the app will be ready to publish. Thank you for following along.

Commit 3-16-16: Substitution working!

NameBlock popup

The substitution function is up and running! I’d show an image, but I’d prefer to not share my dead name. I’ve also added the beginning of the UI for the popup, as pictured above. A few problems, though:

  • Forms to set name and whitelist NYI. (the whitelist is functioning, however)
  • Active toggle not currently functioning.
  • The images don’t link properly; the Config image opening the page in the popup and the TSER and TYEF links not working at all.

There will eventually be more resources and links, but three is all there are for now. Thank you for reading.

Commit 3-15-16: Substitution Nearly Implemented, HTML Framework Added

Right now, the substitution is about 80% done. I just need to test it to make sure it’s working properly.

I’ve added options.html which will be used to select options for the extension, such as the whitelist, dead name, and real name. Currently, all options.html has is a head with links to all the CSS and JS files that will be used. The UI will be added soon.


In website news, the DNS records have finally been fixed for this site to appear at its proper url of I’ve also added a PayPal donate link, in case you would like to support NameBlock and any other projects I create in the future. Thank you for your support.

Commit 3-14-16: Folder Organization, Function Creation

New commit added to GitHub. Features include:

  • Organization of files into separate folders based on file type
  • Addition of text replacement function (not yet implemented)
  • Added ability to disable text replacement
  • Addition of JQuery 2.2.1

Currently on the roadmap:

  • Implement text substitution
  • Create UI to set name replacement and access resources