Initial Commit

The git for NameBlock has been set up! You can view it right here. There isn’t much so far, but the framework for the extension has been created. This is what will be worked off for the rest of the project. I want this to be something anyone can use, so I’m making it free and open source. Anyone can make a fork and modify it as their own, either to fix problems or add more resources. I myself am going to use code from other programs to supplement this one, so I don’t have the right to say that people can’t change and adapt mine.

First Post

Hello, there. This blog is to document the progress of the Chrome extension NameBlock. The goal of NameBlock is to make school websites navigable for trans teens who have not had legal names or genders changed. It will replace the teen’s dead name with their preferred name on any websites the user specifies (ex. gmail, google drive/docs, other school-oriented websites). It will also contain links to resources on how to educate school faculty, find trans-focused therapists, and get legal name changes in the United States. The app will be free on Google Chrome Web Store, with possible releases on other web browsers like Firefox. It will be an invaluable assistance to trans teens across the country.